Catherine Hodges - Healthy hair specialist

Catherine Hodges – Healthy hair specialist

Salon owner and hair stylist Catherine Hodges is also a registered trichologist.

By booking a healthy hair consultation, Catherine will help to reach a diagnosis on hair loss problems, hair texture issues, and scalp disorders, Ensuring the best treatment plan is put in place for you.

Catherine takes the holistic approach to treatment considering factors such as lifestyle, diet, and wellbeing as a whole, as well as the signs and symptoms present.


Salon appointments £100 

Book an appointment for a hair cut including healthy hair advice with Catherine

Salon consultations £60 

Follow up consultation £40 

Clinic consultation £100 

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What is Trichology?

Trichology is the science of the structure, function and diseases of the human hair. Clinical trichology is the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the human hair and scalp.

All registered members have undergone education programmes to qualify as a Trichologist. The education programmes cover scientific and medical aspects to help diagnose all hair loss/thinning/hair shaft disorders and scalp problems.

A Trichologist although highly trained is not able to prescribe, if prescribed medications or biopsies are necessary to obtain a complete diagnosis, your Trichologist will work with your GP and Dermatologist to provide information, referrals and suggestions to ensure that an effective treatment plan is identified and put into place for the best outcome for you.

Hair loss can cause great anxiety and distress, there are many misunderstandings about its causes and treatments, with few clinical practioners who specialise in the hair and scalp, a Trichologists is unique in the fact that their entire specialism focuses just on the hair and scalp.

Alopecia is the clinical term for any type of hair loss, especially on the scalp, it can be diffuse, (throughout the scalp) it can be in a pattern, it can be temporary and it can be permanent, it is important to understand what type of Alopecia you may have so that you can treat it correctly to achieve the best outcomes possible.

Problems of the scalp range from dandruff to more inflammatory conditions such as seborrhoeic dermatitis and Psoriasis.  A Trichologist will not only accurately diagnose your condition but is well placed to advise on treatment shampoos and Trichological treatments that will help you to manage the condition very effectively.  There are a number of factors such as stress, diet, allergies, family inheritance and medications that can lead to scalp problems and a Trichologist is well placed to identify the triggers and causes to provide holistic advice to you.