Toni&Guy’s technicians craft new trends and fresh ways to colour and highlight hair with L’Oréal and Wella

Toni&Guy’s colour technicians have identified their favourite colour approaches from their 2020 trend report. They give us an insight into how they’ve achieved each look and the terminology used, so you know exactly what to ask for at your next salon appointment.

Consider the following techniques the equivalent of the tailored blazer or a pair of statement earrings that takes your basic t-shirt and turns it into your new-season hero outfit.

root tints & highlights

Created by Stuart Marsh, Salon Manager and Technical Director at Toni&Guy Shoreditch

This look takes the technique of covering your roots with a regrowth tint and introducing cleverly placed highlights to add dimension. “A softer, full-bodied colour result is traditionally achieved with this method,” explains Marsh. But with this upgraded approach the result is practically three-dimensional, as the technician ‘stitches’ tones through your hair. “Working with soft contrast and texture allows the technician to wrap colour around the face,” explains Marsh. “As soon as you add highlights to an all-over colour, you add depth to your haircut – the lighter tones can visually reduce the width of a cut and help refine your features.” It’s a perfect way to add colour to curls and waves, as it adds intensity and light to the hair shaft. If you’re already sporting a lighter hue, speak to your technician about stitching a multitude of highlights to your colour.


Created by Paul Taylor, Partner and Head Technician at Toni&Guy Norwich

The iconic highlighting process has been given a trend injection for the new season,” explains Taylor. So how has hairdressing’s most recognisable method been elevated? “We’ve evolved this approach by utilising multiple weaving techniques in the foils,” he says. “At the hairline we applied microlights, while at the interior we worked a textured weave for a single, dominant tone. Then towards the crown we created a more naturalised effect.” The result you want your technician to create is a modern, softly undulating colour, as opposed to classic placement highlights. “It’s important to note that this look is not just about technique,” says Taylor. “It’s also about the colour palette. Beige-on-beige tones emulate a contemporary capsule wardrobe. Fashion has become more organic in feel and elegant in result. And this colour trend encompasses just that.”


If you have neither the time nor the inclination to bleach your whole head, then illuminate your look by adding some freehand accents. This light and beautiful effect can be achieved by using one of Toni&Guy’s signature balayage techniques. And it works well on longer-haired brunettes, as the finish is really striking. To get this look, have your stylist add some illuminated pieces around your face and towards the ends of your hair to play up your natural texture. “This can be achieved really subtly with a microlighting technique or given a bolder effect by using a freehand application like we did here,” explains Potts. With this style, the lighter pieces of colour are just as important as the darker pieces. “We call this ‘adding negative space’; by putting in some strategically placed darker tones it elevates the paler tones, making them look even lighter,” says Potts. Book a colour service between April and June this year to gain access to our exclusive label.m colour care packages, available from £25.